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Why does it matter if your dentist is a Kois trained dentist

My Dentist Says They’re Kois Trained—What Does That Mean?

What Sets Some Cosmetic Dentists Apart  Every dentist goes to dental school, but there are some dentists who go above and beyond their basic requirements because they are passionate and driven to create masterpiece smiles. If your dentist tells you that he or she is a Kois trained dentist, you can stop your search for…
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What does AACD accreditation mean

What Is AACD Accreditation, and Should My Cosmetic Dentist Have It?

Choosing the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach Choosing a cosmetic dentist is far from a simple task. Dental work is not like getting a haircut; dentistry is sometimes irreversible and can impact the way you smile and how others perceive you. Patients spend hours, even years, seeking a dentist who has the right skills,…
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What Is Concierge Dental Care? A Concierge Dentist in Newport Beach, CA

You deserve the luxury of concierge dental care. Imagine receiving outstanding dental care that’s customized to your needs without waiting weeks for an appointment, dealing with waiting rooms, or feeling rushed through your visit. Concierge dentistry provides this and much more. If concierge dentistry is a service that’s new to you, you’re probably wondering what…
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How to find the best dentist for you

What Makes Your “Best Dentist” Perfect for Your Needs?

Elevate your expectations for dental care. Everyone needs a dentist, but not everyone has a dentist they love and want to visit for the rest of their life. The truth is, your choice of dentist significantly impacts your smile, presently and in the future. A good dentist will make you feel comfortable and help you…
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Celebrity dentist in Newport Beach CA

How To Get a Zac Efron or Cardi B Smile in Newport Beach, CA

Make your Hollywood-smile dream a reality. Dentists have been helping Hollywood stars enhance their smiles since the ’80s when cosmetic dentistry, or smile makeovers, became popular. Today, it’s tough to find a celebrity who hasn’t had some level of cosmetic dental care done, even something as simple as teeth whitening. If you’re not completely happy…
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