Month: March 2023

Get comfortable dental care at Luminous Smiles

5 Ways Luminous Smiles Prioritizes Comfortable Dental Care in Newport Beach, CA

We believe patients should have high expectations when they arrive at the dentist. Patients should expect a warm, caring, and respectful environment. They should also be able to expect up-to-date ...
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Tips on how to overcome dental anxiety

6 Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety and Get the Comprehensive Care You Need

Learn how to overcome dental anxiety with these tips.  Though we strive to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible in the dental chair, we recognize that dental anxiety ...
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Dental bonding can fix tooth imperfections

How Tooth-Colored Resin Bonding Helps Your Smile Look Better Than New

A great smile is paramount to so much of what we do. And when we have a great smile, it can be easy to overlook all the benefits we experience ...
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Get the straighter smile you want

Ready for a Straighter Smile? You Can Have the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

What are your reasons for pursuing straighter teeth? If there is one thing we all want, it is a beautiful bright, white, straighter smile. But the fact is that our ...
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Do you feel like you have too much gum tissue

Gum Contouring Reveals Beautiful Teeth Hiding Under Gum Tissue

A gummy smile is one where too much gum tissue is exposed when you smile. Also referred to as excessive gingival display, a gummy smile can make people self-conscious and ...
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Do you have proper bite alignment

8 Reasons Proper Bite Alignment Is Important for the Aesthetics of Your Smile

Achieving proper bite alignment has multiple positive benefits.  The right bite alignment is an integral element in achieving a healthy smile. But bite alignment is more than your ability to ...
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