General Dentistry

Tips on how to overcome dental anxiety

6 Ways To Overcome Dental Anxiety and Get the Comprehensive Care You Need

Learn how to overcome dental anxiety with these tips.  Though we strive to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible in the dental chair, we recognize that dental anxiety ...
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Get a cracked tooth fixed right away

A Cracked Tooth Can Be Subtle: 5 Signs To Watch For

How To Recognize a Cracked Tooth You might not realize how difficult it can be to recognize a cracked tooth. While major damage is immediately apparent, minor cracks and chips ...
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Don't ignore a toothache

Just a Toothache? 3 Reasons to Not Ignore Your Tooth Pain

Don’t ignore ongoing tooth pain. A toothache can be a major life disruption, but it isn’t always clear what you should do about it. Many people are apprehensive about visiting ...
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What to do about sensitive teeth

5 Signs and Causes of Sensitive Teeth and What Helps Fix It

Why are my teeth so sensitive? Many people experience tooth sensitivity at one time or another. Tooth pain can impact your quality of life, but there’s no reason to live ...
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Foods that are good for gum disease

5 Healthy Foods To Feast On If You Have Gum Disease

The right foods can help to prevent and treat gum disease.  Gum disease is an infection that contributes to tooth loss and other significant oral health issues. Patients with this ...
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Foods that are bad for gum disease

7 Foods Gum Disease Sufferers Should Try to Replace

Foods That Can Contribute to Gum Disease When it comes to oral health, you likely know the basic rules: brush and floss daily. However, when you have periodontitis, you may ...
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What to do when your jaw clicks and pops

My Jaw Clicks and Pops When I Chew. Is It TMJ Disorder?

How To Tell If TMD Is To Blame for Your Jaw Discomfort TMJ disorders (TMDs) are some of the most widely misunderstood conditions out there. Despite being so common, many ...
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TMJ disorder diagnosis

What Are the Best Tests for a TMJ Disorder Diagnosis?

How do I know if I have a TMJ disorder? Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are common conditions that can cause jaw pain and a wide range of additional symptoms. Despite ...
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sleep deprivation is not just unpleasant; it's dangerous

7 Ways Sleep Deprivation Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

Sleep deprived? There’s a dentist who can help you sleep  at night. Are you losing out on sleep? One sleepless night after another might leave you feeling miserable. Whether your ...
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What do you do when you can't sleep? Advice from a dentist.

3 Common Reasons You Can’t Stay Asleep at Night and What to Do About It

Can’t Sleep? Tips From a Sleep Dentist For many, sleep is a welcome escape from the stress of the day, providing a simple way for the body to recover and ...
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