You Need a Cosmetic Dentist Who Understands Whole Face Structure

Find a cosmetic dentist who understands whole face structure.

A smile design transforms your entire face, not just your teeth. 

If you’re looking to improve your smile, you need the right cosmetic dentist to plan and carry out your treatment. The best cosmetic dentists take every detail of your smile into account, not just the appearance of your teeth. Your face structure plays just as important a role, and you need a dentist who understands that, no matter the smile improvement approach. 

So, how does your face structure play a role in different cosmetic and restorative smile improvements?

Dental veneers are customized for your face structure.

Dental veneers are often considered to be one of the most straightforward and simple cosmetic dentistry treatments. They provide a significant improvement in the look of your smile, but the smile design responsible for the improvement isn’t as simple as it seems.

Your dental veneers are designed to match the shade and appearance of your other teeth, but a good cosmetic dentist also considers the shape and structure of your face. Different patients can have rounder or longer faces, along with differences in lip contours.

All of these factors play a role in how your smile looks and how your veneers should be created. Teeth also vary in shape and proportion, and veneers allow for numerous options. Teeth can be squarer, more uniform, pointier, or more rounded, and these differences in shape affect the appearance of your smile.

You need a cosmetic dentist who can match your face structure to the appropriate shape and length of veneers to provide a proportional smile. The right veneers can help widen your face, add fullness to your smile, or soften your features.

Symmetry is critical during any orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatments, whether clear aligners, traditional braces, or other options, are mostly designed to fix crooked teeth. This is an important part of what they do, but they also guide the placement and orientation of your teeth in more subtle ways.

You can work with a cosmetic dentist to use clear aligners and other orthodontic treatments to achieve a flawless smile design. This design will focus not just on the orientation of individual crooked teeth and bite alignment but on the overall symmetry of your smile as well.

Facial symmetry is something people are hard-wired to pick up on, and a lack of symmetry stands out more than any other type of imperfection. Make sure that your cosmetic dentist understands the importance of symmetry in your smile design.

The link between orthodontic treatment and your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is also critical. This is the joint that allows the lower jaw to move. Bite issues can cause TMJ disorders leading to soreness and pain, and orthodontic treatment can often help resolve those issues.

However, poorly planned treatment can cause or worsen TMJ issues, so make sure you’re working with an experienced and skilled dentist.

Dental implants can maintain your face structure.

Dental implants are an increasingly popular restorative and cosmetic dental treatment that can provide teeth replacement in a wide range of situations. They could be an important part of your smile design, particularly if you’re missing one or more teeth.

The dental implant treatment process involves careful planning for your eventual results, including scans and imaging with the latest technology. The placement of the dental implants and the design of the crowns, bridges, or full arch replacements they support are precisely calculated to give you a natural-looking smile.

Along with a full smile and the confidence that comes with it, dental implants also provide long-term benefits for your facial structure. When teeth are missing, the lack of stimulation from their roots can lead the jawbone to deteriorate and shrink.

Jawbone deterioration is responsible for the sunken-face look that patients who have worn dentures for years develop. Dentures don’t provide any resistance to jawbone deterioration, while dental implants do because they are embedded in the jawbone and provide stimulation to the jaw similar to natural teeth.

Cosmetic dental treatments that address all of your needs.

Your smile design will have a major impact on your facial appearance and your long-term oral health, so you need a cosmetic dentist who considers all of these factors. Dr. Desai does just that.

This case study is an example of the scrutiny and attention to detail that Dr. Desai applies when she plans treatment. Dr. Desai takes each patient’s individual needs into account and develops treatment plans that address the look of their smile, facial structure, and long-term health.

When you visit Dr. Desai at Luminous Smiles, she’ll carefully evaluate your needs to develop the right treatment plan for you. You can rest easy knowing that every detail is taken into account in terms of your smile, your face structure, and your long-term oral health. Reach out today to schedule your smile design consultation.