Month: February 2023

Cosmetic dentistry can give you a reason to smile

Is Your Smile Spotlight Ready? Here’s a Checklist of 5 Cosmetic To-Dos

Ways to Get Your Smile Ready for Anything Your smile is often thought of as the most important feature of your face in many social situations. This is doubled if ...
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Choosing the right tooth restoration

5 Things To Consider When Choosing the Tooth Restoration for You

Factors That May Affect Your Dental Restoration Dealing with a missing tooth is incredibly common. People of all ages—even younger patients—can find themselves with missing teeth for numerous reasons. There ...
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Get a cracked tooth fixed right away

A Cracked Tooth Can Be Subtle: 5 Signs To Watch For

How To Recognize a Cracked Tooth You might not realize how difficult it can be to recognize a cracked tooth. While major damage is immediately apparent, minor cracks and chips ...
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Professional whitening for the smile you want

Professional Whitening Makes Teeth 5 to 10 Shades Brighter in Just One Visit

Understanding Why Your Teeth Aren’t the Shade You’d Like Wanting a brighter smile is practically universal. Most people have at least some concern about the shade of their smile but ...
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Newport Beach concierge dentist

Why Concierge Dentistry? 4 Ways We Take Your Privacy Seriously

Your privacy is our priority.  If you live in the limelight, you know how sacred your privacy is. And at Luminous Smiles, your Newport Beach concierge dentist, we understand it ...
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Do you have the best concierge dentist

7 Factors That Set Excellent Concierge Dentists Apart From the Rest

What is concierge dentistry? For some, privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance. Celebrities, public officials, and others who live in the spotlight deserve dental visits that aren’t advertised ...
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