Concierge Services

Get comfortable dental care at Luminous Smiles

5 Ways Luminous Smiles Prioritizes Comfortable Dental Care in Newport Beach, CA

We believe patients should have high expectations when they arrive at the dentist. Patients should expect a warm, caring, and respectful environment. They should also be able to expect up-to-date ...
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Newport Beach concierge dentist

Why Concierge Dentistry? 4 Ways We Take Your Privacy Seriously

Your privacy is our priority.  If you live in the limelight, you know how sacred your privacy is. And at Luminous Smiles, your Newport Beach concierge dentist, we understand it ...
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Do you have the best concierge dentist

7 Factors That Set Excellent Concierge Dentists Apart From the Rest

What is concierge dentistry? For some, privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance. Celebrities, public officials, and others who live in the spotlight deserve dental visits that aren’t advertised ...
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Benefits of having a concierge dentist

10 Ways Your Concierge Dentist Provides Private, Personalized Care

Our concierge dentist offers the ultimate client-focused experience. We’re here to ensure you experience a dental appointment like no other. That’s why at Luminous Smiles, we offer concierge dentistry: a ...
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Dental restoration with concierge services

Discreet Concierge Services for Your Dental Restoration

Restorative Dental Care With Concierge Service Your smile is one of your most valuable assets, and protecting it often involves restorative dental care at some point. There are several reasons ...
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Accommodations for concierge dental visits

Dr. Desai’s Favorite Venues for Concierge Dental Visits

Luxury Concierge Dentistry Service in Newport Beach Luminous Smiles' concierge dentistry services elevate the patient experience to a new level of comfort, luxury, and privacy. Our concierge service is most ...
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What Is Concierge Dental Care? A Concierge Dentist in Newport Beach, CA

You deserve the luxury of concierge dental care. Imagine receiving outstanding dental care that’s customized to your needs without waiting weeks for an appointment, dealing with waiting rooms, or feeling ...
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