Is Luminous Smiles a Whole New Approach to Dentistry?

Experience a whole new approach to dentistry

A Better Approach to Your Dental Care

Many patients have experienced an unfriendly receptionist at check-in or a dental team member who didn’t know their name at their appointment. These unsettling experiences leave patients feeling frustrated and reluctant to return to an office that doesn’t care about them. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case for you. 

Dr. Desai, a cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, approaches dentistry differently. When you visit Luminous Smiles, she wants you to remember your visit for the right reasons. The best dentist cares about your needs, and here’s what that looks like at our office.

Dr. Desai is a Kois-trained dentist.

To become a Kois dentist, Dr. Desai had to complete a nine-part training that covered various topics, ranging from treatment planning to complex restorative management. But what does that mean for Luminous Smiles patients? 

A Kois-trained dentist is committed to patient-focused research and clinical care and perform treatment backed by scientific evidence. Dr. Desai wished to become a Kois-trained dentist in Newport Beach to provide the highest level of patient care and improve her patients’ lives. 

The education and experience Dr. Desai gained from her training with the Kois Center benefit you in the following ways: 

  • Dr. Desai is adept at providing the most comprehensive care
  • The Luminous Smiles team strives for excellence. 
  • Dr. Desai uses evidence-based dentistry and cutting-edge technology. 

Dr. Desai continues to gain knowledge by collaborating with other advanced dental specialists. 

We strive to create the best patient experience.

The patient experience begins when a potential patient visits our website or calls our office. When a team member answers the phone, you can expect a warm, friendly voice on the other end. 

We promptly respond if you contact us through email, text, or our online request form. We won’t cut phone calls short; your questions and concerns are just as important as our other tasks. 

Unlike a corporate dental office, our new approach to dentistry means our schedule is flexible so that we can get you an appointment when you want, not “when we have time.” You will never have to wait days or weeks to see Dr. Desai. 

While you’re in the office, we are 100% focused on you and offer personalized service. You can trust that we will not rush through an appointment, and you will remain our priority.  

Dr. Desai uses the best modern technology and the latest scientific knowledge to ensure a premier patient experience. Her amazing cosmetic artistry and attention to detail can give you a smile you are proud of.

We take your overall health into consideration.

When you schedule an appointment at a corporate dental office, they are likely to focus on the single oral health problem you’re currently experiencing. We use a new approach to dentistry because your overall health is deeply connected to your oral health

With this in mind, we’ll discuss every aspect of your health, including nutrition. Your treatment plan may include nutritional counseling, for example, to address any related oral health problems. This counseling will also provide support for the rest of your health.   

We prioritize your health, not your insurance. 

Your health is always our primary concern. We aren’t obligated to any insurance company and don’t have to keep treatment within their limitations. We work with you to provide the care you need within the budget and time frame that suits you. This way Dr. Desai treats both the patient and the condition because that is the new (and best) approach to dentistry. 

Our team wants you to be comfortable during your visit.

Your comfort is paramount, so our treatment rooms are comfortable and private. We also know that the office can occasionally get cold, so we offer blankets for you to use while we enhance your smile. Our treatment rooms have personal TVs so you can focus on your favorite show and relax while we complete your dental treatment.   

We listen to you and focus on your goals.

You’re more than a patient to us, and your goals are important. No two people have the same vision for their smile, so we ask about your goals and oral health concerns. Dr. Desai listens attentively to learn your likes and dislikes, then creates a thorough oral health care plan accordingly.

A Modern Dentist in Newport Beach

Dentistry is continually evolving, and a great dentist must grow with it. By keeping current with technology and following science-backed products, Dr. Desai provides thorough, individualized treatment for every patient. You’ll find comfort that you’ve never felt at a dental office and have an experience you’ll want to tell your friends about. Contact us today to begin your journey to optimal dental health and learn more about our new approach to dentistry.