5 Ways Luminous Smiles Prioritizes Comfortable Dental Care in Newport Beach, CA

Get comfortable dental care at Luminous Smiles

We believe patients should have high expectations when they arrive at the dentist. Patients should expect a warm, caring, and respectful environment. They should also be able to expect up-to-date dental technology and the best certifications to create a comfortable and pain-free experience. And finally, patients should be able to expect open and honest communication and an environment tailored to their unique needs. Luminous Smiles is your concierge dentist in Newport Beach, offering all this and more.

What is comfortable dental care?

When we think of comfortable dental care, we imagine all the aspects that can make patients more at ease throughout their dental experience. This means effortless appointment making, discretion and privacy as appropriate, and a warm, caring, and respectful environment. But more specifically, our patients should expect the following.

1. An Environment Where the Relationship is Key

Our relationship with you is our focus. We don’t view our patients as numbers. While we will always practice discretion and privacy in our dental care, we’ll still take the time to get to know you. We’ll ask about your interests, family, etc., to help understand you and your unique needs. The more we know about you, the better we can tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs. 

2. The Newest, Most Effective and Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

When finding the right dentist for you, be sure to ask about the dental technology they offer. Today’s dentists have access to so much that wasn’t available even ten years ago. Dental technology, such as what we offer at Luminous Smiles, is all designed to create a more efficient, effective, and comfortable experience at the dentist. Here are just a few of the technologies that we offer our patients.

  • Digital X-rays (as opposed to traditional X-rays) – Digital X-rays help us to identify better areas of dental decay, bone infections, early stages of gum disease, and even oral cancer in its earliest form. Not only that, but digital X-rays can save patients (and the dentist) time and money due to their early detection qualities.
  • iTero scanner – The iTero scanner captures digital images of the structure of your teeth and gums, all through a compact hand-held wand. This technology makes it easier for your dentist to see what’s happening in your mouth and doesn’t trigger your gag reflex. The unique design also allows your dentist to start and stop as often as necessary to ensure you are comfortable every step of the way.
  • Digital impressions – We don’t know anyone who is a fan of those old ooey-gooey impressions that dentists often need to take of your mouth for various dental treatments, including veneers, bridges, and crowns. With this cutting-edge technology, we can create a computer-generated replica of your mouth’s soft and hard tissues, all while you wait comfortably in the dental chair.

3. Continuing Education

Dentists don’t stop learning the day they graduate from dental school. The best dentists participate in special continuing education. This commitment to improvement ensures we have a comprehensive understanding of your complete oral health, from your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) health to sleep-disordered breathing to anything in between. The more we participate in ongoing education, the better we can provide you with a comprehensive picture and tailored dental solutions. All in all, our efforts to improve our practice ensure you are in good hands and receive the best dental care possible.

Further, we’re proud to say that Dr. Desai is the only female American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry–accredited doctor in Newport Beach. Our patients come to us with confidence that their new smile will be as perfect as possible.

4. A Respectful Approach to Dental Anxiety

We know that many patients have a fear of going to the dentist. Dental fear and anxiety affects  36% of the population, and an additional 12% suffer from extreme dental fear. Yet, even those with dental anxiety understand the importance of visiting their dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and oral evaluation. At Luminous Smiles, we take your dental anxiety seriously, offering a variety of techniques to help you relax at our office, and sedation dentistry for cases of extreme anxiety. If you suffer from a dental phobia or fear the dentist, let us know, and we’ll pull out all the stops to create a positive experience for you.

5. Concierge Dentistry for Those Requiring Privacy and Discretion

At Luminous Smiles, we specialize in patients with cosmetic concerns, worn teeth, and patients who want great quality dentistry, especially celebrities. Concierge dentistry provides white-glove service that begins as soon as you schedule your appointment. Our team will provide recommendations and coordinate services tailored to your specific needs. We go above and beyond, so if you need security, transportation, lodging, dining, or entertainment recommendations or reservations, we’ve curated options to suit your needs. Our dentists offer the utmost flexibility and can meet with you via a video consultation and text or phone after your appointment if you have any questions. Plus, you’ll get as much time as you need with the doctor, ensuring all your questions are answered satisfactorily. 

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Our goal is to provide you with comfortable dental care and more. If you need a dental cleaning or are considering a cosmetic dentistry treatment (or anything in between), now is the time to request an appointment. Experience today how Luminous Smiles offers comfortable dental care above and beyond your wildest expectations.