What Is the Best Way To Erase the Signs of Chipped or Discolored Teeth?

Don't live with discolored or chipped teeth

Turn back the clock on your smile.

Tooth enamel may be the strongest substance in the human body, but it isn’t impervious to damage from oral disease or dental injuries and staining from foods, beverages, and medications. Even if you pay exceptional attention to your oral hygiene and diet, teeth can still become yellowed, worn with age, or accidentally chipped. Cosmetic dentistry is in such high demand for these reasons and many more.

Expert cosmetic dentists like Dr. Desai are artists in the field of transforming smiles by erasing any signs of damage, enamel erosions, and discoloration. From a little brightening boost to a complete smile makeover, there are cosmetic services perfectly suited to your desires.

Here are our favorite ways of restoring chipped and discolored teeth.

Removing Superficial Stains and Yellowing

A brilliantly white smile is regarded as attractive, youthful, and often associated with health. The natural color of tooth enamel varies greatly; some people may be gifted with an inherently bright smile, while others may have a more yellow tone.

Diet and lifestyle are also important factors that impact the color of teeth. Daily coffees and teas, evening glasses of wine, and certain types of cuisine heavy in pigmented spices can leave teeth stained and dull. Tobacco habits are well-known for their yellowing effect on tooth enamel, among drastically increased oral and system disease risks. Even too much fluoride in childhood can cause discoloration. 

Enamel stains can be categorized as either intrinsic or extrinsic. Extrinsic stains are on the outer layer of the tooth enamel and are the most common form of tooth discoloration. Lifestyle and diet are usually the culprits. 

Extrinsic stains respond very well to professional teeth whitening products designed to penetrate and lift discoloration from the surface of the enamel. Dr. Desai uses a powerful but safe whitening solution that is quick, effective, and capable of brightening your smile five to 10 shades lighter. You even have the option of in-office whitening or at-home treatment.

Brightening Permanently Stained Teeth

Professional teeth whitening can’t remove all stains and discoloration. If your teeth have intrinsic stains, a different service will be necessary to erase them from your smile.

Intrinsic stains are deep within the tooth and are often caused by dental injuries or excessive fluoridation. They can leave teeth looking very dark, patchy, and dingy. Since these stains can’t be lifted, they must be covered instead.

Porcelain veneers are a popular solution for permanently erasing intrinsic stains. Dr. Desai will cover each tooth being treated with a thin shell of porcelain to form a new facade. Veneers are placed individually and only extend over the front of each tooth. You can opt for veneers on all of your front teeth or only on the individual tooth or teeth with stains.

We highly recommend having your teeth professionally whitened to your ideal shade before veneers are placed. Porcelain cannot be brightened, so a pre-whitening treatment ensures your final results are even.

Repairing Chipped and Discolored Teeth

Porcelain veneers are also ideal if your teeth are not only discolored but also chipped, worn down, or misshapen.

Dr. Desai can use veneers to enhance your smile’s appearance by changing the length and shape of your teeth, perhaps to elongate short teeth or give very round or very square teeth a more pleasing aesthetic. They are versatile and can also alleviate tooth sensitivity or repair tiny enamel fissures that can weaken natural teeth.

An additional benefit of porcelain veneer treatment at Luminous Smiles is the option for prepless veneers. If you’re concerned with traditional veneer prepping methods and the amount of enamel removed, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an alternative. Dr. Desai can use this prepless method to minimize enamel removal and maintain more tooth structure while achieving the same stunning, long-lasting results as a classic veneer makeover.

Your Favorite Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach

You don’t need to continue living with chipped or discolored teeth that devalue your smile and self-confidence. Dr. Desai is a highly-accredited cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach renowned for her outstanding level of patient care and smile transformations worthy of the red carpet.

In addition to professional teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, Dr. Desai also provides dental bonding, gum contouring, dental implants, Invisalign, and complete general dental care to help you achieve and maintain your perfect smile. We’re conveniently located near Newport Center and can provide private, discreet concierge dentistry services. Schedule your consultation today to see how your smile can become more Luminous.