Professional Teeth Whitening in Newport Beach, California

Teeth whitening in Newport Beach CA

The Best Way To Brighten Your Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice, which is why many people make bright teeth one of their top priorities. There are a variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can give you a smile makeover, and professional teeth whitening is one of the most convenient, affordable, and effective of these.

The brilliant hue of anyone’s smile can fade over time, even without the effects of things like coffee, tea, wine, or smoking. And a dull smile can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. 

More than 37 million Americans tried whitening of some kind in 2020 in hopes of achieving a brighter smile. But in the end, not all options provide the same results as professional teeth whitening.

Who is professional teeth whitening right for?

Professional teeth whitening is an excellent option for anyone looking to improve the brightness of their smile. Patients can get in-office treatments and professional at-home kits from a cosmetic dentist, both of which deliver much better results than over-the-counter alternatives.

Some people try to whiten their teeth with whitening toothpaste, strips, or other methods. While these can deliver some results, the change in brightness simply isn’t comparable to professional teeth whitening. 

Not only that, but these teeth-whitening methods can only make a difference over a considerable amount of time, whereas professional whitening is fast.

Professional teeth whitening delivers noticeably whiter teeth after just one visit to your Newport Beach, California, dentist. Alternatively, at-home whitening from your dentist whitens teeth over the course of one week. The at-home system uses custom-made trays and a dental-grade whitening agent to brighten your teeth in about 30 minutes a day.

Your Teeth-Whitening Consultation

The first step in the teeth-whitening process is having a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. You can discuss all of your dental concerns and how you’d like to enhance your smile. Then the cosmetic dentist will provide a range of treatment options, including teeth whitening, and develop a personalized treatment plan that’s right for you.

During the consultation, your dentist will also ask about any habits you have that could be affecting the color of your teeth. While professional teeth whitening delivers powerful stain removal, it doesn’t provide permanent protection. So if you want to keep your smile bright, it’s best to avoid coffee, tea, and wine, as well as smoking and other habits that can stain teeth.

If it seems like whitening is the best cosmetic treatment for you, you’ll have a choice between in-office and professional at-home whitening. A cosmetic dentist can help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and situation.

Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is a quick, effective treatment that lets you achieve a noticeably brighter smile that same day. The entire treatment takes just one hour, making it one of the fastest makeover treatments you’ll find anywhere.

The process of in-office teeth whitening uses a special whitening gel. This gel is similar to take-home whitening but is in a higher strength that needs to be applied by a trained professional. Treatment is safe and doesn’t cause any damage to your enamel while it removes stains and brightens your teeth.

The best part of a professional, in-office whitening is that you’ll have noticeably whiter teeth immediately after you complete treatment. For about two days afterward, your teeth may be a bit more sensitive than usual.

Comfortable Newport Beach, California, Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking for a brighter smile, schedule a consultation at Luminous Smiles in Newport Beach, California, today. 

Dr. Dimple Desai is a highly trained cosmetic dentist who has been recognized in her field as one of the best around. She can provide you with a fantastic smile makeover and a personalized treatment plan that may include in-office or professional at-home whitening.

Luminous Smiles offers a welcoming, relaxing environment, including blankets and pillows to keep you warm and cozy during your teeth-whitening treatment. We strive to make sure that all of our patients are as comfortable and relaxed as possible to give them the best teeth-whitening experience. Contact Luminous Smiles today to schedule your cosmetic evaluation or address any other dental concerns. Book your evaluation online today to get started.