10 Ways Your Concierge Dentist Provides Private, Personalized Care

Benefits of having a concierge dentist

Our concierge dentist offers the ultimate client-focused experience.

We’re here to ensure you experience a dental appointment like no other. That’s why at Luminous Smiles, we offer concierge dentistry: a host of personalized, luxury services for any dental treatment you may need to maintain optimal dental health or address your cosmetic concerns.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, we have comprehensive care packages delivered by one of the most accredited doctors in Orange County. Keep reading to learn more about this ultimate client-focused experience!

1. Streamlined Appointment Booking

For a concierge dentist, even scheduling is a white-glove service.

From the outset, you speak directly to a team member who sticks with your patient experience from then on.

You can book an appointment whenever you want. No more waiting weeks for teeth cleanings or interrupting your day for that annoying appointment.

The dentist is available for video consultation and work around your schedule. You’ll also receive a follow-up from your dentist to check on your progress and aftercare.

Booking is an entirely personalized experience. The care team works to understand your schedule and personal needs to coordinate the best form of care. You can expect sensitive and attentive recommendations for our services.

2. An Expansive Range of Services

You’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, but what you’ll get is an entire team that is laser focused on cosmetic appeal as well as helping you improve your dental health.

Our services run the gamut, from an upgraded, periodic dental cleaning to a complete luxury smile makeover experience.

Concierge dentists are trained to handle dental issues in their entirety, no matter the complexity, performing treatment with an upgraded level of care. The thing that sets Luminous Smiles apart from other concierge experiences is that Dr. Desai is an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry-accredited dentist—a distinction that requires the utmost attention and care to an aesthetic, balanced, healthy smile that blends science and dentistry unlike any other certification. She is the only female cosmetic dentist with such accreditation in Newport Beach.  

In other words, care will be comprehensive and excellent.

3. Tailored Treatment

You can rest assured that we will tailor a treatment plan just for you and work to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

We use up-to-date technology, including advanced digital X-rays for crystal-clear imaging and comprehensive software that gives us a complete understanding of your dental health. We will provide you with customized home-care tools for maintaining healthy teeth and gums between professional cleanings.

If anything, we understand that dental health is critical for everyone, and we want to make sure our patients have the healthiest oral environments of their lives after they see us.

4. A Seamless, Anxiety-Free Experience

We understand our patients’ pain points: It’s a pain to fit dental appointments into a busy day. It’s a pain to sit in that chair at an uncomfortable angle while someone pries and pokes at your mouth.

Concierge dentistry is for patients who don’t want to deal with any of that, and we completely understand!

One of the top benefits of concierge dentistry is that we work around you.

Patients find that concierge services integrate care with luxury amenities and a higher level of service. We keep in mind all the logistics around your dental-care experience: transportation, lodging, entertainment, and more. Just ask, and we’ll provide you with what you need.

We have professional, ongoing relationships with local resorts and amenities, so take your pick!

5. Prioritize Privacy

Concierge dentistry patients are often high-profile. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure their privacy. Our space is one you will visit in peace and serenity.

Our team can arrange discreet transportation to and from the office, and once you’re here, you can be confident that there’s a lot of space for you to unwind in private.

6. Building Relationships

Our top priority is building relationships with our patients, and this means we strive to understand each individual’s needs.

You can schedule a consultation with us to find out why it is beneficial to build long-term rapport with a dental provider who deeply understands your needs and wants to give you the best care possible throughout your life. Dr. Desai is a one-of-a-kind dentist who expects personalized care in her own life. She absolutely understands the importance of customized care for her patients as well.

We are committed to giving our patients complete privacy in our luxurious office. We hire top-tier team members who care about their patients’ comfort and happiness.

7. Focus Is on the Patient

We focus on delivering premier service to a small selection of patients rather than mediocre service to a large volume of people.

Since we keep our patient base small, you know that the focus will always be on you. We will always have time to listen to your needs and work around your schedule.

You’ll have the ability to customize every part of your care. If you need custom retainers, toothbrushes, or vitamin formulations for your dental health, we’ve got you covered.

The incredible level of customization is something few practices can offer.

8. Your Dedicated Dentist

If you work with us, we’ll be “your” dentist, not just “a” dentist, meaning we’ll do whatever we can to make sure we are available. Beyond anything, concierge dentists work to maintain respectful, attentive doctor-patient relationships.

Patients return to us because they love the convenience of having the best dental care in the world at their fingertips. There are 490 dentists worldwide with an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry accreditation, and Dr. Desai is one of them!

You can call on us for expertise, maintenance, and, most importantly, emergencies.

9. A Beautiful Office

We understand how environment impacts the patient experience. Our office is beautiful—it’s spacious enough to afford the utmost privacy to patients, and our stylish and comfortable furniture invites patients to relax and unwind.

Our treatment area is also focused on comfort and offers patients a soothing environment to make every appointment feel luxurious.

10. Open to Questions, Always

Lastly, we’re always open to questions. If you’re in the office, feel free to voice concerns to any of our team members—they are trained to solve anything.

Concierge doctors are available by phone and telehealth software, so you can consult with us at your convenience.

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