5 Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring Over Traditional Methods

Benefits of lasers in gum contouring

What is so special about laser gum contouring?

You can correct your gummy smile by taking advantage of an innovative treatment option: laser gum contouring. Among the latest developments in dental technology, it is preferable to traditional gum contouring because it uses a soft-tissue laser instead of a scalpel. Here are the 5 top benefits of laser gum contouring over traditional methods.

1. Laser gum contouring is a fast process.

The most significant benefits of laser gum contouring are that treatment is faster and more comfortable. 

Traditional gum contouring requires multiple incisions to carefully remove excess tissue, but modern dental technology significantly improves the patient experience during gum contouring (and crown lengthening) by using laser dentistry to remove the tissue instead. The result is a process that requires less time in the dental chair for patients.

The use of lasers to remove surplus tissue also allows you to remain comfortable during treatment. While both types of gum contouring rely on local anesthetic to prevent pain, patients can still experience pressure during traditional contouring. However, they won’t feel anything during laser contouring.

2. It delivers top-notch precision.

Traditional gum contouring can sometimes lead to less than satisfactory results, as it isn’t always clear how the gums will shape themselves after healing. The soft-tissue laser dentists use in modern gum contouring procedures solves the issue with incredible precision that allows for the highest level of control when sculpting the gumline. 

It only affects the specific tissue it’s aimed at, leaving the surrounding tissue completely untouched. For you, the result is a stunning smile that matches your smile design perfectly—properly balanced and “just right” down to the smallest detail.

3. There is no need for sutures.

Traditional gum contouring requires sutures to hold the gum tissue in place afterward, which makes the procedure itself last longer and can cause irritation during recovery. In contrast, when a soft-tissue laser removes tissue, it simultaneously cauterizes, so there’s no need to suture the gums in place. Not only does that mean your treatment is more comfortable, but it also lets your dentist more accurately assess the results in real time.

4. There is minimal bleeding and an easier recovery.

Laser gum contouring improves patient recovery considerably compared with traditional contouring. Because the laser cauterizes as it removes the excess tissue, there is significantly less bleeding involved. 

You can also expect a smoother, faster recovery thanks to minimal discomfort and irritation. There may be some swelling immediately following your appointment, but it fades quickly, and your overall healing should only take around a week’s time.

5. It has a lower risk of infection.

Infection is a serious concern that arises with the discussion of any major dental treatment. Your mouth is home to bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease, so any treatment can introduce opportunities for those bacteria to infect the treated tissue if not managed properly.

Traditional gum contouring incisions, by the nature of its execution, take some time to heal. Even with sutures in place and proper hygiene practices, it poses a risk for bacteria to enter.

With laser contouring, tissue is instantly cauterized, helping protect it against infiltration. As with any procedure, there is still some infection risk, but laser gum contouring drastically minimizes it.

Laser Gum Contouring From Your Cosmetic Dentist in Newport Beach

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