Sedation Dentistry: From Painless Numbing to Sound Asleep and More

You won't feel a thing with sedation dentistry

Wait, there’s another option? 

Imagine being able to walk into the dentist’s office excited and eager for your appointment. Imagine knowing with confidence that you’ll be comfortable and relaxed throughout your visit. At Luminous Smiles, we make that a reality. 

A Solution for Dental Anxiety

Over half of adults in the United States deal with some level of dental anxiety. We understand how real that anxiety is and how that can prevent you from getting the care you need. If you are experiencing dental anxiety, you are not alone, and you deserve understanding and accommodation. Sedation dentistry may be the perfect solution for you and exactly what you need to be able to fully relax while in the dental chair. 

In addition to dental anxiety, such as fear of injections and dental pain, sedation dentistry can be used for dental surgeries and procedures that require it, if you have a strong gag reflex, or if you need multiple treatments performed during the same appointment. 

We have a wide range of numbing and sedation options for when you go to the dentist. From numbing gel to a pill all the way to IV, we have the perfect choice for your needs.

Topical Anesthesia

If the part about your dental visit you look forward to the least is the injection, topical anesthesia is an ideal option for you. Rather than only having local anesthesia, like you would normally for a small dental procedure such as a filling, we can apply a numbing gel directly to the area before we begin so the gum tissue itself is numb before your dentist even administers the local anesthesia. This way you don’t feel the injection.

Sedative Pills 

Oral Sedation will help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your appointment. You will take a pill of Halcion at a specified time before the appointment starts. The sedative pill will be used alongside local anesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain. In fact, you’ll feel drowsy and relaxed during the procedure, and you may even fall asleep. You’ll remain able to answer the dentist’s questions and follow any instructions, and you will awaken easily. A friend or family member will need to drive you home, and the effects of the sedation will wear off within around six hours. 

IV Sedation 

Finally, IV sedation is perfect in certain circumstances. Your dentist will give you all the instructions before your appointment, such as how long to fast and which medications to stop taking (if any). Be sure to get a driver lined up. 

After you get settled and ready, our in-house anesthesiologist safely administers the IV sedation. They’ll start an IV in your hand or arm, and immediately you will start to feel relaxed as the sedation begins to work. You’ll fall asleep in 10 to 15 minutes.

Throughout the procedure, your vitals are monitored and the dosage is adjusted accordingly. You won’t feel any pain or remember anything from your treatment. Afterward, expect it to take a few hours for the drowsiness to wear off. Your dentist will give postoperative instructions to your driver, and you’ll need to take the following day off from work and operating machinery, but after 24 hours you can usually get back to all your normal activities. 

Your Comfort, Our Top Priority 

Here at Luminous Smiles, we place comfort as a top priority. We provide pillows and blankets for warmth and comfort, your choice of Netflix for entertainment, and sedation, which allows you to completely relax.
Dr. Desai is knowledgeable in the latest dental technology and has extensive expertise in cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. You can rest assured your oral health is in the best hands. If sedation dentistry is something that sounds interesting to you, ask us about it! We are happy to answer your questions. If you’re looking for outstanding dental care in Newport Beach, reach out to us today and book an evaluation.