How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

Find out how often you should whiten your teeth.

A little teeth whitening can go a long way.

Some of us are self-conscious about the color of our teeth. Over time, our teeth can lose their whiteness due to staining from the types of foods we eat or drinks we consume. Our teeth can also get dull from aging. If you want to brighten up your smile, consider one of the most popular celebrity cosmetic solutions: teeth whitening.

What causes your teeth to lose their brilliance?

Your adult teeth are often not as white as your baby teeth, so that is why your smile can appear darker than it did when you were young. 

But what causes your permanent teeth to darken over time? Part of it has to do with genetics; some of us simply have better genes than others. Certain types of medications you might take can also affect the color of your teeth. 

Internally, the dentin of your teeth can discolor over time, and things like poor dental hygiene practices and tooth trauma can cause your teeth to become darker than they were.

Of course, the types of foods and drinks you consume have an effect on the color of your teeth as well. Coffee, tea, and red wine can certainly stain teeth over time, as well as other foods with tannins. Smoking also tends to discolor teeth.

How long does a teeth whitening treatment last?

That is a loaded question. Since there are different types of teeth whitening options, including at home, over-the-counter kits, and those that can be done in your dentist’s office, the answer can vary. The results can also vary due to the types of foods you eat and the types of things you drink afterward. The shade of white you are trying to maintain can also factor into how long a teeth-whitening treatment can last. How well you care for your teeth, including your brushing and flossing routine, can also affect how soon your enamel picks up stains.

The general rule to keep in mind when it comes to whitening your teeth is that an at-home kit usually lasts for about four to six months at best, while a professional whitening treatment at your dentist’s office usually can last you up to two years. The main factor in this variation is based on the whitening system itself. The teeth whitening treatments that your dentist uses contain stronger whitening agents, allowing your whitening result to last longer.

What is the best way to whiten your teeth?

If you’re looking to whiten your teeth yourself, there are at-home, over-the-counter options available at your local drug or grocery store. Those kits tend to not last as long as a professional whitening kit, and at-home kits often have harsher chemicals in them that can cause sensitivity to your teeth.

However, the best (and easiest) way to get your teeth whitened is with the guidance of a processional. Dr. Desai offers professional-strength at-home teeth whitening options, but your best bet is to visit her office and have your treatment done there.

A teeth whitening treatment in a dentist’s office can get your teeth five to ten shades whiter, and the results can last up to two years! Dr. Desai’s team at Luminous Smiles can also help you achieve the shade of white you want without damaging your enamel or causing sensitivity, which is often a side effect of at-home treatments.

Visit Dr. Desai to learn about your teeth whitening options.

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