6 Ways To Achieve a Whiter, More Brilliant Smile

How to whiten teeth

How To Get a Bright, Confident Smile

Your smile greatly impacts your success in life, especially in personal and professional relationships. Having great oral hygiene and fresh breath is the foundation of a great smile, but sometimes teeth need a little extra boost to look their best. Whiter teeth are often considered to look healthier and more attractive, which is why so many people want to know how to whiten teeth.

Here are our top 6 tips for a confident, stunning, bright smile.

1. Prioritize your dental care routine at home, and use products designed for whitening.

Your at-home dental care routine is everything regarding the health and brightness of your smile. Practicing great dental care habits at home will allow you to keep your teeth at a natural brightness and help you maintain professional whitening results for as long as possible before a touch-up.

The minimum recommendation for at-home dental care is to brush twice a day, for a solid two minutes each time, and thoroughly reach every surface of your teeth by flossing at least once a day. Remember that these are minimum recommendations—you can add extra brushing or flossing sessions after big meals.

Oral care products designed for whitening can also give your normal brushing habits an edge. Dr. Desai will give you excellent product recommendations for maintaining a healthy, bright-white smile.

2. See your dentist every six months for a checkup and to get any stubborn plaque removed.

Plaque buildup is a common reason teeth develop a yellowish appearance, especially where the gums meet the teeth. Great brushing and flossing habits keep plaque to a minimum, but even the best brushing technique can’t eliminate 100% of plaque. Only your dentist’s trained hygienist can.

The best thing you can do to protect your oral health and maintain a naturally bright smile is to see your dentist every six months like clockwork. Your dentist will look at your smile to ensure nothing is amiss, and their hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning to remove every speck of plaque and tartar.

3. Steer clear of any DIY home remedies for whitening as they can damage your enamel.

The internet is home to all sorts of different DIY teeth-whitening hacks, many of which end up trending on social media. Unfortunately, many people who Google “how to whiten teeth at home” are unaware of how damaging it can be. 

For example, gargling with hydrogen peroxide is uncomfortable and can harm your enamel and burn the soft tissue in your mouth when done incorrectly. Worse yet, brushing with baking soda is not only relatively ineffective for stains, but it can also wear down your enamel. Worn enamel increases sensitivity and risk of tooth decay and makes your teeth more likely to develop stains in the long run.

Your oral health isn’t something to experiment with at home. Give in to your DIY urge with fun projects around your home, and leave smile-brightening treatments to your dentist.

4. Be mindful of lifestyle habits contributing to yellowing or discoloration of teeth.

Plaque buildup isn’t the only reason teeth might develop a yellowish hue. Many daily lifestyle habits can also make our teeth appear dull over time. 

Tobacco use leads to yellow teeth and increases the risks of oral cancer, oral sores, and general systemic health issues. Stopping tobacco habits can drastically improve your physical, oral, and mental health. Dr. Desai can offer excellent guidance and resources on how to quit when you’re ready.

What you drink daily can also cause yellowing and discoloration. Coffee, black tea, and wine are three popular beverages that stain teeth. Additionally, sugary, acidic beverages like soda (including diet) and juice also wreak havoc on tooth enamel, making discoloration develop more quickly.

If you often enjoy beverages known to stain tooth enamel, be proactive in practicing great dental care habits at home, and perhaps book professional whitening sessions more frequently.

5. Use professional teeth-whitening products at home or in your cosmetic dentist’s office.

A naturally white smile isn’t what most people consider a bright white—and that’s completely OK! Professional teeth whitening is a fantastic option if your smile is healthy and you really want a boost of brightness. People who value a stunning smile for professional or personal reasons consider teeth whitening a standard step in their oral care routine, like routine checkups and cleanings.

We strongly recommend opting for professional teeth whitening products rather than store-bought ones. Although some whitening strips are ADA-approved and won’t harm your enamel as long as you follow the instructions, they simply aren’t as effective as professional products. 

Professional teeth whitening yields beautiful results in less time and will last much longer. Dr. Desai offers at-home and in-office whitening solutions to fit your busy schedule.

6. Consider investing in cosmetic dental care for a permanently white smile.

If you’re in love with the results you see from professional teeth whitening but wish they lasted longer, why not invest in a more permanent solution?

Porcelain veneers can be colored and shaped to your exact specifications. With proper care, they’ll yield a brighter smile for 10 to 20 years or more. Dr. Desai can also change the shape of your teeth or hide those superficial flaws that bug you, like cracks and chips.

For a less permanent solution, dental bonding is a great way to dip your toes into the world of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Desai will artistically sculpt the composite bonding material over the teeth, giving them an instantly whiter appearance while covering minor flaws at the same time.

Don’t wait to experience the confidence boost of a bright smile.

Dr. Desai is a renowned cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach, California. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about professional teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry services, and achieving optimal oral health.