Ready for a Straighter Smile? You Can Have the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Get the straighter smile you want

What are your reasons for pursuing straighter teeth?

If there is one thing we all want, it is a beautiful bright, white, straighter smile. But the fact is that our teeth can shift over time. The advanced stages of gum disease, bruxism (teeth grinding), not wearing a retainer after previous orthodontic work, and aging can all contribute to shifting teeth. Yet many patients mistakenly believe their days of orthodontics are over and that if they didn’t get braces when they were young, the time has passed. But that’s not the case. Invisalign clear aligners are highly effective in treating misaligned and crooked teeth.

Can clear aligners give me a straighter smile?

Though not all orthodontic issues are treatable with Invisalign, they are a highly effective treatment for those with minor malocclusions. If you have a crooked smile, you’re likely to experience more issues than just a smile you aren’t happy with. Crooked teeth can contribute to other problems that affect your overall oral health.

Here are some of the reasons you should have your crooked teeth straightened out.

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean—crooked or crowded teeth create areas in your mouth that can be hard to reach with your toothbrush or floss. This can increase your risk of developing cavities and gum disease.
  • Crooked teeth hurt your self-esteem—smiling is critical to our mental and overall health. Smiling can boost our mood, lower our stress levels, and even improve the health of our immune system. Many people with crooked teeth are embarrassed by their smiles, so they refrain from smiling. 
  • Straight teeth can lengthen life expectancy—because misaligned teeth are harder to clean and create a risk of cavities, the result is that our lives can be shorter if we leave those crooked teeth untreated. Think of a cavity as an infection in your mouth. The longer you leave it to fester, the more harm it can do. And, if you leave a cavity untreated for too long, it can lead to tooth loss. Achieving straight teeth improves your overall health, thus increasing your life expectancy.
  • Your digestion will improve—crooked teeth, just by their nature, do not break down food as effectively or efficiently as they should. As a result, you send food that isn’t properly broken down, down to your stomach. This can contribute to gas, bloating, and stomach upset.
  • Your bite will improve—crooked teeth make it harder to bite and chew our food, as mentioned above. But this can also create further wear and tear on the teeth that do the work. Clear aligners can reduce wear and tear and give you a better bite.
  • Fewer headaches and less neck pain—when you have crooked teeth, it can put stress on your jawbone, joints, and gums. As a result, you can experience jaw misalignment, leading to chronic neck and face pain. You will also be more susceptible to headaches. Straightening your teeth will align them so that your bite functions correctly.

The list of benefits of a straighter smile can go on and on. But the key is, straight teeth are easier to keep clean and free from bacteria, which lessens your risk of cavities, and keeps your gums healthier.

How does Invisalign work to give you a straighter smile? 

Many patients needing straighter teeth prefer Invisalign vs. traditional braces because they are far more discreet. Further, clear aligners are removable for meals and brushing your teeth and also removable when you need to speak clearly. As well, many people, especially those no longer in their teens, simply don’t want the look of metal on their teeth.

The answer to the problem is Invisalign. All you need to do is wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day over your treatment period, typically 12 to 18 months (though each patient is different). Invisalign is gentle, as each set of aligners shifts only a few teeth at a time with a controlled force. This provides a gradual, yet highly effective, approach to straightening your teeth.

Invisalign clear braces are best for patients who meet the following criteria.

  • Motivated and disciplined to wear your aligners for the required 20 to 22 hours per day
  • Desire discretion in your orthodontic treatment (and in the approach of your dentist)
  • Good oral health (you’ll need to have any cavities treated before you start your Invisalign treatment)
  • Haven’t needed significant dental treatment or correction in the past
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco products

Invisalign is best for treating the following orthodontic problems.

When any of the following conditions require a mild-to-moderate correction, Invisalign is probably a great treatment option.

  • Crowding: teeth that are too close together
  • Overlap: teeth that are in front of or behind adjacent teeth
  • Spacing: wide gaps between the teeth 
  • Overbite: when upper teeth overlap with lower teeth 

If you want a straighter smile, now is the time to explore Invisalign clear braces. 

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