Get a Personalized Smile That Fits the Rest of Your Facial Features

Dr. Desai will give you a personalized smile

Creating the perfect smile is both a science and an art.

When you choose a top cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach for your smile makeover, you’re not just getting a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, you’re getting a truly personalized smile that suits you as an individual.

Your cosmetic dentist considers many different factors when developing your treatment plan. When it comes to crowns, bridges, veneers, and other cosmetic options, there are many ways to fine-tune your smile makeover to get it just right.

The results of this careful process speak for themselves! Below are some of the most important factors that your cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach will take into consideration when designing your new smile.

Your Facial Shape and Structure

Your facial shape and structure play a big role in determining the right shade and shape of your enhanced smile. Most people have one of the following face shapes:

  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Square

A skilled cosmetic dentist understands how your facial structure relates to your smile. 

The shape of your face affects how prominent or large you’ll want your smile to appear. A brighter smile will draw more focus, but that might not be what you want. For some face types, it’s better to draw focus to other features, such as the eyes.

The Midline of Your Face

Imagine a vertical line that passes right between your front two upper teeth. This line is known as the midline, and it is an important factor to consider when evaluating the aesthetics of your smile.

For the best look, this midline should be in balance with a similar line that runs between the eyes, eyebrows, and chin. If your teeth are misaligned, they can disrupt this balance. You might not realize the impact this can have, but your dentist does and will keep it in mind when designing your personalized smile.

The Whites of Your Eyes

You might think the whites of your eyes are just white, but that’s not exactly the case. Like your teeth, they can vary between many different shades of white, both naturally and due to a variety of other factors. The difference typically isn’t as noticeable as the different shades your teeth can take on, but it’s there.

Your dentist will carefully evaluate the color of the whites of your eyes when choosing the right tooth shade for any cosmetic treatment. The two shades need to complement each other properly, or you could find yourself with a look that’s slightly off in a way that most people can’t describe.

Your Preferred Makeup

It’s important to remember that your smile isn’t likely to be seen on its own. The rest of you will be there with it, so your entire appearance needs to be taken into account. One thing your cosmetic dentist will consider is the shades and colors of makeup you typically use.

Your teeth aren’t just pure white; they may contain shades of yellow, red, brown, and gray. Choosing the right balance during a cosmetic dentistry procedure involves making sure that the color of your teeth doesn’t clash with your typical makeup style.

Your Hairstyle

Hairstyle and color also play into the decisions your cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach must make. Color is a lot more complex than people realize, with separate elements like hue and saturation to consider.

Your hair and teeth could clash if careful, professional consideration isn’t given. Luckily, an experienced cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach will have no trouble doing just that.

And Even Your Personality!

While you can’t measure or quantify your personality, it is just as important as any other factor on this list. Your personalized smile says something unique about you as an individual and shows the world who you really are!

You can choose to go with a bolder and brighter smile or a more subdued one. Different people look for different results; that’s why you need a dentist who takes the time to get to know you and provide a truly personalized smile.

Find your personalized smile with Luminous Smiles.

At Luminous Smiles, we’re committed to providing every patient with a truly personalized and caring experience. We take the time to understand your needs and develop a customized treatment plan to give you the smile of your dreams. Dr. Dimple Desai is a cosmetic specialist who delivers exceptional results. She is one of just 490 dentists worldwide accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Schedule your consultation at Luminous Smiles today to find out what a personalized smile can mean for you.