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A Brighter Smile in No Time

If you’re looking for a cleaner mouth, a whiter smile, or alleviation of tooth pain, Luminous Smiles has it all covered. More than just a dentist, we are a healthcare provider that believes that whole body health starts with a healthy mouth. Good oral health can help minimize or prevent other health issues and can improve self-esteem and confidence. We are proud to be the premier dentist in Newport Beach that offers the most up-to-date equipment and techniques.

Our office provides a variety of dental services, including:

We service the cosmetic and general dentistry needs of Newport Beach. Call us today at (949) 247-8484.

Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthy mouth is crucial for many reasons. Health benefits aside, being proud of your smile is important. Cosmetic dentistry primarily focuses on improvement of your smile’s aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment, or overall appearance. At Luminous Smiles, we help our patients build their inner confidence and self-esteem with a variety of procedures that can drastically improve your smile. Dr. Desai is always at the forefront of dentistry and implements the best, most recent dental techniques to ensure her patients are completely satisfied. We provide a variety of cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, Invisalign, ceramic bonded restorations, and more.

Reliable General Dentistry

At Luminous Smiles in Newport Beach, we believe that preventative care is the best possible choice for the health of you, your mouth, and your entire body. Routine check-ups can help eliminate or even prevent problems before they grow into serious issues. Taking good care of your mouth today can benefit you greatly in the long run. If a problem arises, we have the experience and procedures that you can depend upon.

Comfortable Sedation Dentistry

Part of what makes Luminous Smiles Newport Beach’s best dentist is our ability to stay on top of changing technologies in the dental field. Sedation helps patients relax during lengthy procedures and can assist anxious patients with remaining calm. The use of sedation in dentistry has changed the way people view dental visits. Those who, in the past, were afraid of the most basic procedure can now visit the dentist without anxiety. Your comfort is our primary concern. Trust our compassionate staff to make you feel at ease.

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