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sleep deprivation is not just unpleasant; it's dangerous

7 Ways Sleep Deprivation Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It

Sleep deprived? There’s a dentist who can help you sleep  at night. Are you losing out on sleep? One sleepless night after another might leave you feeling miserable. Whether your mind won’t stop racing or you’re burning the midnight oil, not getting adequate rest does more than make you grumpy. Sleep deprivation adversely affects both…
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What do you do when you can't sleep? Advice from a dentist.

3 Common Reasons You Can’t Stay Asleep at Night and What to Do About It

Can’t Sleep? Tips From a Sleep Dentist For many, sleep is a welcome escape from the stress of the day, providing a simple way for the body to recover and recharge. For others, however, sleeping can be a frustrating experience characterized by waking up during the night, which only serves to increase stress rather than…
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How can you thrive in the new year? Make these healthy resolutions.

9 Healthy Ways Successful Professionals Can Embrace Life in the New Year

At Luminous Smiles, Dr. Desai strives for excellence in and out of the dental office. Passion has helped her accomplish her most sought-after goals, but her drive to succeed shaped her dentistry career. She sees these qualities in so many of her patients. They are “the best” at what they do or “the one who…
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A de-aging dentist can help turn back the clock with cosmetic dentistry techniques.

5 Ways Your Smile Shows Your Age, and a Dentist’s De-aging Techniques

What are the signs of an aging smile, and is de-aging a thing? Your smile tells strangers much about you, such as how you are feeling and even your age. No one wants to look older than they are, and if you feel like this is the case for you, then your smile could be…
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Find the best cosmetic dentist in Newport Beach

Want the Best Cosmetic Dentist? Here’s Why Your Search May Lead to Newport Beach

Is Dr. Desai in Newport Beach the best cosmetic dentist for what you need? Your smile is precious. It’s often the first thing people notice about you, so you want to ensure that you can trust whoever is caring for it.  But finding the best cosmetic dentist for you can be a challenge. Considering several…
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Find a cosmetic dentist who understands whole face structure.

You Need a Cosmetic Dentist Who Understands Whole Face Structure

A smile design transforms your entire face, not just your teeth.  If you’re looking to improve your smile, you need the right cosmetic dentist to plan and carry out your treatment. The best cosmetic dentists take every detail of your smile into account, not just the appearance of your teeth. Your face structure plays just…
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Dental restoration with concierge services

Discreet Concierge Services for Your Dental Restoration

Restorative Dental Care With Concierge Service Your smile is one of your most valuable assets, and protecting it often involves restorative dental care at some point. There are several reasons teeth develop damage and restorative care becomes necessary. Tooth decay and the effects of gum disease are the two primary culprits, but even an individual…
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Avoid jawbone loss

Jawbone Loss: Sustain the Health & Beauty of Your Smile

What You Need to Know About Bone Resorption Losing teeth to decay, gum disease, or general damage goes beyond being a simple cosmetic problem. Gaps in your smile can certainly detract from having a beautiful, youthful smile, but worse yet, they can trigger something called bone resorption. Bone resorption can leave you with a sunken…
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Get a beautiful smile

A Confident, Radiant Smile Can Award You Success

Elevate Your Presence With Cosmetic Dentistry Everyone wants to feel confident and attractive. We tailor our fashion to reflect our identities, visit the salon for on-trend hair, take vitamin supplements to boost our skin’s glow, and hit the gym to improve our physical fitness. But we shouldn’t overlook one crucial physical characteristic—our smiles. Your smile…
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What you should know about tooth decay

What You Should Know About Cavities and the Progression of Tooth Decay

Learn about cavities to better protect your oral health. Cavities are one of the most common and well-known oral health concerns out there, but how much do you really know about them? Since they’re so familiar, it’s easy to assume that there isn’t that much to learn or that you’ve acquired everything you need to…
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Stress and TMJ disorder

Stress, TMJ Disorder, and Poor Sleep: End the Cycle

Breaking The Cycle and Transforming Your Daily Life Even on their own, issues like a bad night’s sleep, stress, and TMJ disorder are never fun to deal with, but did you know that they can often be connected? These issues can start a vicious cycle, feeding into each other and making each other worse. Thankfully,…
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Understanding TMJ disorder

7 Common Misconceptions About TMJ Disorder

Understanding TMJ Disorder The joints of your jaw, called the temporomandibular joints, are strong and mobile. They have to be to allow you to exert the surprising amount of force they use to chew your food. Their mobility is rare among our joints, allowing you to move your jaw up, down, forward, backward, and side…
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